Vacation and fun are supposed to come hand in hand.The thing that stops most people from heading somewhere to vacation is lack of enough funds.Most people think that you can not vacation if you are not loaded with cash but i am here to tell them otherwise. When planning a trip destination is very important. Choose a place you can drive or can catch a bus or train to.lf you travelling to a place that you will need to catch a flight research the cheapest ones.You can mostly find cheap flights in the evening and weekdays.

I recommend you start looking for flights from Tuesday afternoon. Highly recommended by San Marcos Party Bus is to Pick a place to sleep is always very can research the cheap hotels in that area.if you are with family or friends consider sharing to minimize the cost after all,you are only there for a few days.ln other areas locals offer to house visitors for a certain small fee and if you can find that would be the better option if you are somebody who would love to intergrate with the community that you are visiting.Make sure you research all the places you would like to visit before hand and make sure to also research the best way of transportation so that you have an idea of everything before you even do it I am all for planning everything i do but once in a while be spontaneous.

Pack a bag get in your car,drive a few hours to a town you have not visited before relax and mix with the local and have some spontaneous fun.You do not have to plan every detail of your life.Live a little.Also check the crime rate of the place you are visiting and this should be one of the things that you never forget to do because it is very important.go to a place with a very low crime rate you cant be vacationing and worried about your safety at the same time Last but not least visit a doctor before vacationing because it might not be safe to fly or you may need some medication if the vacation is tropical.lf you traveling to a hot place do not forget the sun lotion to protect your skin from the sun.Have a nice vacation and enjoy yourself to the fullest level.


How the Dive

Diving is an art, many people has passion of diving in sea .i.e. Scuba diving. Diving is not so hard, it is a sport of jumping or falling into the water especially with the headfirst. Many people who have hydrophobia can cure their problem of hydrophobia by diving into the sea by feeling all new and beautiful world of the deep sea. To dive is not so hard you can follow the step mention in this article, Firstly, the basics of diving, I mean which type of diving you want to do, there are many types of divings such as , Diving into a pool, Diving in underwater or scuba diving, etc.

Diving always needs some equipments in case if you face physical prerequisites and also for the long time divings. I will mention the equipments in detail needed basically for diving. The must have equipment is Scuba Gear, this gear helps you change from being a land-dweller to somewhat aquatic being the scuba gear includes mask that lets you see clearly, a scuba regulator and tank provide the air you need, Fins allow you to swim efficiently, and a wet suit helps you stay warm. These equipments comes according to your body comfort, Remember that fit, comfort and suitability are the three most important considerations while choosing your scuba gear.

Now the tips and tricks to dive, After being comfortable with your scuba diving suit you are ready to dive. The steps you should follow are, Firstly, you should be 4 feet back from the end of the board, When you are ready just take 3 steps swinging your hands in the same direction where you walk, When you’ve taken the steps just hop to the end of board by keeping your hand back, when you’ve done with this do a large arm circle in counter-clockwise direction looking forward and push off the board with both the feet as hard as you can, Go all the way up and bend at the waist, after bring your arms up and squeeze your ears with arms, Clasps your hands together and look at your hands, Keep your legs straight and toes pointed. Thus these were the steps which will definitely help you to dive, Diving fear is all in your head. Its really an interesting thing of which many peoples are passionate about. One of the best experience you will ever have.Try it